General-purpose Ambisonic playback systems for electroacoustic concerts - a practical approach

At the Ambisonics Symposium 2010 (hosted by IRCAM in Paris), I presented a paper on using a 3rd-order Ambisonic rig to present non-Ambisonic electro-acoustic works with virtual speakers.
The paper is intended as a how-to for people who wish to employ similar techniques for their own concert events. It includes a report on informal listening tests that might be interesting as a starting point for further study.

Submitted by nettings on 10 May, 2010 - 20:36.

I Hear Too - Improving Heritage Experience through Acoustic Reality and Audio Research


Sound and the Heritage Experience


Please find attached details of the I Hear Too research network and our first research workshop in York.

Submitted by jude on 30 March, 2009 - 12:10.

1st Ambisonics Symposium, IEM, Graz, Austria, 25-27 June 2009.

The Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) calls for contributions to the first Ambisonics Symposium. As many past audio and acoustics conferences have shown, there seems to exist a group of persistent spherical audio enthusiasts. We therefore decided to go ahead and organize the first symposium on this subject to improve and intensify the ongoing scientific discussion on spherical audio. The Ambisonics Symposium will be held 25-27 June 2009 at the IEM in Graz, AUSTRIA.

Submitted by damian on 20 November, 2008 - 17:21.

SpACE-Net site images and audio files

There's been a problem with the SpACE-Net website for while now which is causing image and audio files to have extra bytes appended to their headers, making most viewers/players refuse to open them.

Submitted by tim on 13 December, 2007 - 14:44.

Apple goes 'B-Format'

The latest utilities shipped with Apple Logic can now create and use (apparantly) B-Format impulse responses.

Submitted by DrWig on 13 September, 2007 - 14:06.

Article about user of higher-order Ambisonics in a new game

Codemasters' new driving game DiRT, released for Sony PlayStation 3 this month, makes effective use of hybrid third-order Ambisonics via the console's eight-channel HDMI audio output, as explained in

Submitted by SimonG on 3 September, 2007 - 18:01.

Outcome of SpACE-Net Creative Call

After some considerable deliberation the panel of artists, composers, academics and industry partners who were asked to review and consider the recent round of applications for the Creative Call regretfully announce that none of the current applicants have been successful in moving forward to the commissioning and realisation stage.

Submitted by damian on 3 August, 2007 - 15:50.

Digital Music Research Network (DMRN) Summer Conference

Digital Music Research Network (DMRN) Summer Conference

In association with Sonic Art Meeting Group (SAMG)
7th – 8th July 2007

Submitted by mrapsouthern on 6 July, 2007 - 11:34.
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