New 3D soundscape compositions catalog on SD cards

If you are a composer and want to join our social network/production center with your soundscape or soundscape compositions the production process' steps are the following:


1. Record four soundscape (minimum 7 minutes, max 10 minutes each one) and edit them as whole full length loops, or compose four soundscape compositions (minimum 7 minutes, max 10 minutes) making each one in way such that the end can be connected and edited perfectly to its start in loop, preferably without fade in or fade out.

2. License the four artworks in Creative Commons 3.0 under these terms to A&G Soluzioni Digitali. To do that go to
To protect your creations in the same way you could do with old agency use

3. Read and complete and print the distribution agreement. Sign and send it to A&G records via fax at +44 (0)207 845 9884 or, if you can produce a scanned version, via email at .
If you do not have it yet, open a PayPal account.

Take your time to fine edit or remix your work, we don't want to stress anyone, but in the meantime please proceed to steps 4 and 5.

4. Sign up to ", customize your page and send a message to (Luigi Agostini) including the title of the global work you would like to use on your first SD card.
If you prefer to use your graphic for the SD cover please send it in attachment (jpg, gif or png 300dpi 369x281 pixel).

5. Send via e-mail (or share an address for download) four mp3 stereo short preview files, each almost one minute and extracted from your four soundscapes. They could be inserted in the main player of your soundscape home page.

6. If you have finish your soundscapes or soundscape compositions, send to A&G Soluzioni Digitali
the original tracks (from 2 to 8 each soundscape, better if mono, 16 bit 44,100) on CD ROM, DVD ROM or USB memory pen. The tracks will be used to produce the customized spatialisation for the end user.
Please include a txt file with instructions if want to position or "move" one or more audio track in a specific way.


Each SD card for X-spat player should contain four soundscape or soundscape compositions or a mix of both kinds of artworks.
Please feel free to interpret the concept of sound design of an ambient upon your acoustical and aesthetic idea.
We have no commercial impositions or genre preference, we are searching for pure artistic expression.
The only requirements for the works are the following:
a) the X-spat player must be able to reproduce each one in infinite loop mode;
b) the duration must be 7 minutes minimum, 10 minutes max for each one, 16 bit, 44,100 kHz;
c) all the artworks must be licensed in Creative Commons 3.0, attribute, commercial use, no derivates. (they can be protected with

You should send us the separated tracks (from one stereo and one mono to eight mono or any combination) and we shall produce a 3D mix using our X-spat boX2 algorithms. You could request particular movements or positions for the separated mono tracks, even dynamic.
When an X-spat player user will buy your (hypothetical) SD card we will send it to him customized for his ambient.
We do not accept orders from customers without the number of speakers, their positions and the ambient size. (Each SD card will be unique, no piracy...)
The standard price is 39 Euro, the cost for us for the empty card almost 7 Euro, 16 Euro for you on your PayPal account, 16 Euro for us.

Please find in attachment the eventual SD cards distribution agreement. Do not hesitate to contact me for any question.

Best regards,


Luigi Agostini Unico
A&G Soluzioni Digitali

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Submitted by Luigi Agostini on 24 September, 2009 - 16:27.