Ambisonic post-production proof-of-concept

In Summer 2008, the world's first wave field synthesis (WFS) live transmission (of Olivier Messiaen's “Livre du Saint Sacrément”) took place between Cologne Cathedral and the WFS auditorium at Technische Universität Berlin.
The music of three spatially separated organ divisions was captured by multiple microphones in
a mixture of spot miking and Hamasaki square technique, i.e. without a dedicated main microphone, as this was deemed desirable for the intended reconstruction on a WFS system.
This paper describes an attempt to create a spatially correct mix from the concert recordings using Ambisonic encoding.
The toolkit used for postproduction consists exclusively of free software, centered around JACK, Ardour and the AMB plugin set on a Linux system.

Paper presented at LAC 2009 in Parma, Italy.

A video of the presentation is available at

A project report concentrating on the technical issues of the WFS live transmission can be found at

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