CALL FOR PAPERS - Institute of Acoustics: Reproduced Sound 23


Institute of Acoustics
Reproduced Sound 23

CALL FOR PAPERS on topics related to the following:
- Sound Reinforcement
- Room Acoustics
- Recording (Audio and Video)
- Broadcast
- Loudspeakers & Microphones
- Intelligibility
- Innovations

We will have an auditorium to use for the presentations and for any demonstrations associated with these, so there is an exciting opportunity to devote a large part of the conference to subjects relating to audio in the production of live events.

These might include:
- Sound Monitoring for Live Recording and Broadcast
- Microphones and Their Use
- Stage Monitor Systems
- Maintaining Quality in Sound Transmission Systems
- Sound Reinforcement
- Life Safety Sound and Licensing
- Acoustics issues in Multi-purpose Music Halls
- Psycho-acoustics of reverberent spaces for Amplified Music

Call for Papers (Deadline: 200 word abstract by 25th May 07)

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