Spatial sound and music Event - 16th September - Derby

Discussion workshop with demonstrations

Final event in the SpACE-Net series

Tuesday 16th September 2008
At: University of Derby

The aim is to have fun, with the emphasis is on discussion and demonstration rather than on academic presentations. We’d like to suggest two themes, (and of course, there may be other suggestions) these are:

* Spatial musical instruments – intuitively accessible interfaces for musicians

* Large-scale audio environments –capture, synthesis and display

We will offer demonstrations of both, though these are ‘works in progress’ intended primarily to stimulate discussion (in other words, they are not perfect!)
Invitees include theoreticians and practitioners – audio scientists, sound designers, sound recordists, composers, psychoacousticians, musicians, audio system manufacturers, sound installation artists and computer game sound designers.
There is no attendance fee; registration not required. Proceedings will start at 09.30, finish at 5.00pm.

Venue: Faculty of Art Design and Technology, Markeaton street, Derby DE22 3AW

Contacts: Peter Lennox (01332) 593155 (direct line)

Faculty reception: (01332) 593216

Submitted by jude on 27 August, 2008 - 14:27.