A room-corrected Ambisonic listening rig made with free software

This paper (presented at the Tonmeistertagung 2008) describes the setup and calibration of a room-corrected, Do-It-Yourself Ambisonic listening rig made of affordable hardware components and free/open

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Ambisonic post-production proof-of-concept

In Summer 2008, the world's first wave field synthesis (WFS) live transmission (of Olivier Messiaen's “Livre du Saint Sacrément”) took place between Cologne Cathedral and the WFS auditorium at Te

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Wavefield Synthesis Demo

I just came accross this interesting and informative demo, a good way to get quick but basic understanding of the principles behind WFS.

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Ambisonic Studio

Guides to using Ambisonic with DAWs, special attention on Nuendo and Cubase.
Ambisonic VST and Audio Unit plug-ins for Mac OS X, PPC and Intel.

Submitted by Daniel Courville on 16 May, 2007 - 05:00.
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Ambisonia WIKI - An Ambisonic Knowledge Base

Ambisonia. ambisonics surround sound

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This site is written by Paul Hodges and is a constantly growing accumlation of facts about about Ambisonics.

More Ambisonics Links are also provided through this site.

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WWW Pages Relating to Sound Computation

For those who are not already aware this webpage has an abundance of links ranging from DSP to Auditory Research to Sonification & Virtual Environments.

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