I Hear Too - Improving Heritage Experience through Acoustic Reality and Audio Research

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Sponsored by the AHRC/EPSRC Science/Heritage inititative the I-Hear-Too Research Cluster wishes to announce it's first workshop event:
Sound and the Heritage Experience
The focus of the day will be to consider the general role of audio and acoustics in heritage and will include presentations from academic researchers, artists and industry stakeholders, bringing their varying perspectives on the role of sound and acoustics in their own definition, understanding and interaction with heritage.
Details about the cluster and more information about the day are available here:
Our second event will take place at the British Library on Monday 18th May and focus on sound as a heritage artefact and the role of archiving. A more complete website is in the process of being put together which will have more information about the cluster and its activities.
For further information, for now, please Email: info@space-net.org.uk

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