survey on compositional use of spatialization

Hello SpACE-Net,

my Name is Nils Peters and currently I am a PhD Candidate at McGill University Montreal in Music Technology.

As part of my dissertation, I prepared a web-based questionnaire about the compositional use of spatialization.
I would like to use this opportunity to invite the artists here at SpACE-Net to participate in this questionnaire.

The goal is to improve composer's working conditions through better audio technology. By getting to know how artists think about spatialization and what tools and functionalities spatial audio systems should strive to include, we can focus our research to meet your needs.

The web-based questionnaire can be accessed at:

If you have a moment, I was wondering, whether you also could forward this link to appropriate persons (composers, sonic artists, improvisers) in order to reach as many artists as possible.

Your contribution is highly appreciated.
If you have any questions regarding this questionnaire, please contact me:

Thank you in advance,

Nils Peters