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Dear SpACE-Net members,
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"Following our 2nd Spatial Audio Workshop in January 2008, SpACE-Net is pleased to announce a unique collaborative opportunity for composers, sound artists, and sound designers working anywhere in the audio industry.
In partnership with leading audio company and soundcard designer Creative, SpACE-Net would like to commission a specific piece of sound design/sound artwork which has interactive spatial audio considerations at the core of its composition, design and delivery process. The piece should have broad aesthetic appeal and should be able to serve as an advertisement of the creative possibilities offered by spatial audio (i.e. it should sound good and be novel and exciting).
The selected partnership/group will be supplied with a Creative Sound Blaster® X-Fi Elite Pro soundcard, a set of Creative® GigaWorks™ S750 7.1 loudspeakers and Creative’s custom Interactive Spatial Audio Composition Tool (ISACT™) software. The work should be produced, delivered and presented using this technology, which will be the artist’s to keep. In addition SpACE-Net will contribute towards artist’s fees and expenses related to the completion of this work.
The ISACT toolset incorporates a library for building interactive spatial audio compositions into software applications. In evaluating the proposals the panel will be looking for creativity and novelty in the proposed use of this combination of hardware and software to produce a high quality, stimulating and accessible piece of interactive spatial-audio-focused sound work.
To support this call for works the workshop event on the 23rd January hosted ISACT tutorial sessions where the creative possibilities offered by the software were demonstrated and discussed. Additionally there were opportunities to find potential collaborators for working on this project.
We are expecting proposals from teams or individuals who are capable of handling both the creative and technical aspects of working on a project of this nature. However, if a proposal from an artist is significantly strong, but in our opinion requires additional technical resources, we may consider making the award subject to all appropriate members of a team being in place. We are also happy to help pair artists with engineers through the existing facilities of SpACE-Net. Similarly, if you are an engineer/programmer who would like to be involved in realising a proposal and working with an artist, please let us know and we will do our best to pair engineers with appropriate artists.
We are particularly interested in receiving proposals from those who attended the ISACT tutorials although this does not preclude consideration of proposals from those who did not attend.
The deadline for the call is Monday March 31st. Note that the work must be complete and ready for demonstration by the end of June 2008.
Further info on how to apply http://space-net.org.uk/?q=node/180

Submitted by jude on 28 February, 2008 - 09:51.