A room-corrected Ambisonic listening rig made with free software

This paper (presented at the Tonmeistertagung 2008) describes the setup and calibration of a room-corrected, Do-It-Yourself Ambisonic listening rig made of affordable hardware components and free/open-source software.
The rig comprises a Linux Audio computer with the JACK realtime sound server, the Ardour Digital Audio Workstation, AmbDec (a state-of-the-art two-band Ambisonic decoder with near-field compensation), and the JConv convolution engine.
The DRC room correction software is used to obtain filter kernels to compensate for room and speaker deficiencies.
It is shown that a determined amateur can achieve very good results using only free software and commodity hardware in a standard domestic environment.

Presentation slides are at http://stackingdwarves.net/public_stuff/linux_audio/tmt08/Ambisonic_List...

A video of an earlier presentation at LAC 2008 is available at http://stackingdwarves.net/public_stuff/linux_audio/ambi_at_home/2008-02...
The slides that go with this video are at http://stackingdwarves.net/public_stuff/linux_audio/ambi_at_home/AMBI@Ho...

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