York Minster

Title: York Minster
Category: Cathedral Capture Date: 13th January 2006
Minster Exterior - West Door
Minster Interior - Nave Setup
York Minster is the largest medieval gothic cathedral in the UK and one of the finest in Europe, built between the 12th and 15th centuries on the foundations of the previous Norman church that was in turn constructed on the foundations of the original Roman fortress.  It is approximately 160m long, 76m wide and 27m high to the vaulted ceiling, constructed predominantly of stone with extensive, large panels of stained glass windows.  Its beautiful acoustic and setting make it a sought after and highly popular music performance venue.
Location: York, UK Size (Approx): 140000m3
Source: Log. Swept Sine; 20-22k Hz; 15s long Input: Genelec S30D
Source Location: Directly under mid-point of tower Mic Location: Centre of nave
Source-Microphone Distance: 23.5m
ISO 3382 - T30:
Freq (Hz) 31.5 63 125 250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k 16k
T30 (s) 5.90 6.88 7.24 7.22 6.92 6.10 4.75 3.26 1.80 1.03
Microphone: Soundfield SPS-422B
B-format: W and X Channels
B-format: Y and Z Channels
Microphone: ORTF Neumann SKM-140
Stereo - ORTF
Links and Resources:

York Minster: http://www.yorkminster.org/

This work was partly funded by The York Renaissance Project: http://www.renaissanceyork.org.uk/

And resulted in "A Sense of Place" - an interactive sound/light installation: http://www.boothambar.org.uk/

Submitted by damian on 24 November, 2006 - 10:47.