Sound Recordist, Dialogue Editor, Sound Designer – Nagra – Hi Def - Matthew Buckingham – Spirit and the Letter

‘The Spirit and the Letter’, a 15-minute looped and projected video installation. Here, Buckingham has created a work that is powerfully uncanny, its distinctive ‘un-homely’ sense memorably rendered. Standing in a room in which certain domestic architectural elements have been inverted — a mirror hangs upside down, while a chandelier sprouts from the floor — the viewer looks at the projected image of a room which contains these same elements, albeit in their correct orientation. The theme of reversal is continued by the appearance of a woman traversing the room, not via the floor but across the ceiling. Although her elegant 18th-century dress is echoed by these period interiors, this is a woman most definitely out of place.

Submitted by ross adams on 18 October, 2007 - 12:26.