Binaural for popular music: a case of study by Simone Fontana

Binaural for popular music: a case of study
Simone Fontana

The idea of this study is to compare, in a way as direct as possible, popular music mixes issued from stereophonic and binaural techniques; the goal is to retrieve useful information about the benefits and drawbacks of the two approaches.

In order to clearly identify the potentials of binaural technologies compared to more traditional stereophonic approaches, five preliminary mixes have been carried out from the recording session of a professional guitar-voice duo, for an original composition of theirs. AB recording and stereo panning, dummy head binaural recording and synthesis, so as a hybrid technique have been considered.

You are invited to participate in listening to the various recording techniques that form the test and give feedback as to your impressions about it.

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Submitted by mrapsouthern on 16 March, 2007 - 17:29.