Collaborative opportunity for composers, sound artists, and sound designers

The Spatial Audio Creative Engineering Network (SpACE-Net) is pleased to announce a unique collaborative opportunity for composers, sound artists, and sound designers working anywhere in the audio industry.

In partnership with leading audio company and soundcard designer Creative, SpACE-Net would like to commission a specific piece of sound design/sound artwork which has interactive spatial audio considerations at the core of its composition, design and delivery process. The piece should have broad aesthetic appeal and should be able to serve as an advertisement of the creative possibilities offered by spatial audio (i.e. it should sound good and be novel and exciting).

The selected partnership/group will be supplied with a Creative Sound Blaster® X-Fi Elite Pro Sound, a set of Creative® GigaWorks™ S750 7.1 loudspeakers and Creative’s custom Interactive Spatial Audio Composition Tool (ISACT™) software. The work should be produced, delivered and presented using this technology, which will be the artist’s to keep. In addition SpACE-Net will contribute towards artist’s fees and expenses related to the completion of this work.

The full text of this call is available to download below:

Creative08prelim.pdf160.36 KB
Submitted by damian on 17 October, 2007 - 11:16.