A Tonal Time Twister

A Gallery Lift tranformed into an interactive Installtion using sound, light, colour and pressure pads. http://www.pallant.org.uk/

In a twist on the concept of the colour-tone organ, artist in residence Thor McIntyre-Burnie turns the Gallery's lift into a vessel to play a specially recorded performance. Inspired by Arnold Schönberg's atonal compositions and Kandinsky's colour-tone theory, this unique installation will stretch one concert over hundreds of short, eight to twenty second intervals. The concert will be experienced during each journey in the elevator; where the numbers of people in the lift, or the movements the passengers make, control the sounds that are heard and the colours that are seen.

Inside the lift, four pieces from Schönberg's Pierrot Lunaire (1912) are played out, but the musicians are replaced by pressure sensitive coloured shapes on the floor and corresponding coloured light tubes on the elevator walls. Musical time will pass via the lift’s physical journey time, and the score is staggered and played out through a series of lift journeys.

In A-Tonal Time Twister, Schönberg’s foray into his notoriously difficult atonal music is fragmented into bite size portions: a series of brief experiences, some baffling, some sublime, and some absurdly comic.

Tech: Using a specially recorded 5-channel recording, SFX software, Sound to light controllers and pressure pads.

Submitted by melta on 19 October, 2007 - 13:24.